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CoverNewton's Bulletin

Issue n. 1, December 2003

NEWTON'S BULLETIN N. 1: download full issue

BGI papers

Ajustement des réseaux gravimétriques
(J.P. Barriot, M. Sarrailh)

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Proposal for the precise definition of mean values of gravity field quantities
(C.C. Tscherning)

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The nontidal gravity change at Xiangshan seismostation in Beijing
(O.K. Nwofor and T.C. Chineke)

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Preliminary results in the achievement of the new gravity system of Republic of Moldova
(Besutiu L., Neaga V., Nicolescu A., Lorinczi J., Ilies I., Besutiu G.)

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IGeS papers

Surface modeling for GPS-levelling geoid determination
(M. Soycan, Msc. A. Soycan)

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Comparison of the classical and recent formulae of handling the effects of close and distant topographic masses in gravimetric geoid computations
(H. Nahavandchi)

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Quasi-geoid BG03 computation in Belgium
(R. Barzaghi, A. Borghi, B. Ducarme, M. Everaerts)

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