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CoverNewton's Bulletin

Issue n. 5, June 2015 - Assessment of GOCE Geopotential Models    [pp. 3-12]

Validation of GOCE global gravitational field models in Norway

M. Sprlak, C. Gerlach, B.R. Pettersen

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Numerous global gravitational field models have been derived from the GOCE satellite gravitational gradiometry mission. They differ by the harmonic analysis approach and the time span covered by the measurements. The quality of individual solutions is assessed by validating the global gravitational field models with respect to independent datasets. Global gravitational field models based on the time-wise and the direct approach are validated in this contribution. All five releases are compared to height anomalies, free-air gravity anomalies, and deflections of the vertical over the continental part of Norway. The spectral enhancement method is applied to overcome the spectral inconsistency between the gravitational models and the terrestrial data. The three terrestrial datasets indicate comparable performance of the latest GOCE models with respect to EGM2008 up to degree and order 220 in the studied local area.