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CoverNewton's Bulletin

Issue n. 3, January 2006   [pp. 83-92]

Latest geoid determinations for the Republic of Croatia

T. Bašic and Z. Heimovic

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Due to several improvements that have been done in comparison to the previous solution, like the usage of better terrestrial gravity data at the Adriatic Sea, much more GPS/leveling points available, wider topography integration area and better residual terrain modeling procedure,one-block collocation for entire area, and finally, four times denser computation grid, have resulted in the official geoid solution for Croatia HRG2000. This solution is based on the long wavelength gravity field structures from EGM96 global geopotential model. Recent CHAMP and GRACE satellite missions are defining new standards in modeling of the Earth’s gravity field, improving global gravity field models especially in long- and medium-wave range. This was confirmed for the Croatian territory thanks to the undertaken comparison of several such models with GPS/leveling and HRG2000 geoid data. Based on these facts and the availability of a new and much denser point gravity data set over the land area, newest geoid computation for the Republic of Croatia become possible. This paper offers a detailed description of the applied computation procedure, the geoid quality estimation using GPS/leveling points, and the presentation of specially developed computer program made for the purpose of geoid interpolation in any area of the state.