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CoverNewton's Bulletin

Issue n. 3, January 2006   [pp. 93-103]

Terrain effect on gravity field parameters using different terrain models

Z. Heimovic and T. Bašic

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This paper presents the results of several analyses considering influence of terrain models on gravity field data. In the analysis are used digital elevation model (DEM) made by digitalization of topographic maps, Shuttle Radar Topography Mission Digital Terrain Elevation Data (SRTM DTED),gravity anomalies,GPS\leveling undulations and deflections of the vertical inCroatian geoid test area. To check the influence of different terrain resolutions on residual terrain model (RTM)effects on gravity anomalies and GPS\leveling undulations, the resolutions ofreferentterrain models 6’x7.6’, 10’x15’, 20’x30’and 30’x30’ are used. Influence of different referent DEM resolutions on remove-restore residual fields is showing the smoothest and smallest field for resolution 20’x30’. The comparison of DEM and SRTM DTED terrain models is made to check their quality. To judge influence on gravity field considering differences of DEM and SRTM DTED terrain models,RTM effects on gravity anomalies, GPS\leveling undulationsand vertical deflectionsare modeled.