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Ukraine (UGG2013)

  Author: V. Corchete     Created: 2013    Resp: V. Corchete  
      Status: PUBLIC    
The UGG2013 program and its files, which are needed to run this application, are enclosed into a ZIP file named "". When you have got the ZIP file and you have uncompressed this file, you have three files named UGG2013.exe, input.dat and UGG2013.dat. The file named UGG2013.dat contains this geoid. The file contains 273600 ASCII records (a grid of 360x760) written as REAL in the free format. The file UGG2013.exe contains a program (in FORTRAN code for PC) for the computation of point values of the geoid height. The file named input.dat is an ASCII file with the latitude and longitude of these computation points. At the final of the computation, we obtain a new file named output.dat which contains the results: the geoid undulation in the points listed in the file input.dat.

V. Corchete (2013). The first high-resolution gravimetric geoid for Ukraine: UGG2013. Online publication.

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