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Ukraine and Moldova (UQG2007)

  Authors: A.N. Marchenko, O. Kucher     Created: 2007    Resp: A.N. Marchenko  
      Status: PRIVATE    
The UQG2007 quasi-geoid model is a hybrid solution for the Ukraine and Moldova. It was derived from the same gravity dataset used for the computation of the UQG2006 gravimetric model with the addition of about 3000 GPS-levelling quasi-geoid heights. The reference global geopotential model was again EIGEN-CG01C up to degree and order 360, but the terrain reductions were based on the 3"x3" digital terrain model SRTM3 having over one order better accuracy than the 1'x1' DTM GEBCO. Like UQG2006, the solution is based on the application of the collocation method with regularization in the framework of a remore-restore procedure. The final model, with a grid resolution of 2'x3', represents the geoidal heights above the GRS80 ellipsoid in the Baltic 1977 system. The comparison of the UQG2007 model with independent GPS/levelling control points shows a good agreement with an error rms smaller than 4 cm.

A.N. Marchenko, O. Kucher (2008). On the quasigeoid solutions for the Ukraine and Moldova area. Proceedings of the EUREF Symposium 2008, Brussels, Belgium, June, 2008 (see presentation).
O. Kucher, A.N. Marchenko, O. Renkevich, S. Savchuk, I. Zaiats (2008). National report of Ukraine. Proceedings of the EUREF Symposium 2008, Brussels, Belgium, June, 2008.

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Ukraine and Moldovia