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Ukraine and Moldova (UQG2006)

  Authors: A.N. Marchenko, et al.     Created: 2006    Resp: A.N. Marchenko  
      Status: PRIVATE    
The UQG2006 model is a gravimetry-only for the Ukraine and Moldova area with a grid resolution of 2'x3'. It is referred to the GRS80 ellipsoid and it was constructed from the following two data sets: (a) digitized gravity anomalies from BGI and (b) gravity anomalies in the Black Sea area derived from altimetry data of TOPEX/POSEIDON, ERS-1, ERS -2, JASON-1, ENVISAT, and GFO missions for the period from 1992 to 2005 year. The remove-restore technique was applied to get rid of the long wavelength constituent of the gravity field by using the EIGEN-CG01C global model up to degree and order 360. Terrain reductions were based on the 1'x1' DTM GEBCO. The prediction of the residual height anomalies was performed by collocation with regularization, where the regularization parameter is a weighting factor multiplied to the noise covariance. Comparisons of the gravimetric UQG2006 quasigeoid with GPS/levelling data show differences with a standard deviation smaller than 8 cm.

A.N. Marchenko, O. Kucher, O. Renkevych (2007). Determination of the UQG2006 quasigeoid in the Ukraine area. Bulletin of Geodesy and Cartography, 2, pp. 3-13 (in Ukrainian).
A.N. Marchenko, O. Kucher (2008). On the quasigeoid solutions for the Ukraine and Moldova area. Proceedings of the EUREF Symposium 2008, Brussels, Belgium, June, 2008 (see presentation).
O. Kucher, A.N. Marchenko, O. Renkevich, S. Savchuk, I. Zaiats (2008). National report of Ukraine. Proceedings of the EUREF Symposium 2008, Brussels, Belgium, June, 2008.

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