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Slovakia (DVRM05)

  Author: M. Klobusiak (Geodetic and Cartographic Institute, Bratislava)   Created: 2005    Resp: B. Droscak  
      Status: PUBLIC    
Slovakian official quasigeoid DVRM05 (Digital vertical reference model) has been created by fitting the gravimetric GMSQ03B quasigeoid to 304 selected GNSS/Levelling points of the National Spatial Network (ŠPS). In the computation process the knowledge of ellipsoidal height ETRS89 and normal height Bpv on selected points SPS has been used, thus the real height of a quasi-geoid over the GRS80 reference ellipsoid for concrete positions has been obtained. From the differences determined in this way a so-called Digital Model of Residual Components DMRZ-GMSQ03B has been created, modelling differences between the interpolated (theoretical) height of the GMSQ03B quasi-geoid and a normal elevation in the Bpv system. DVRM05 has been subsequently obtained by simple subtraction of the model of this residual component DMRZ-GSMQ03B from the GMSQ03B quasigeoid model. For verifying precision of the computed quasigeoid, DVRM05 has been on a selected independent set of points consisting of 563 ŠPS points, which have not been included in the fitting. Residual mean error on tested points achieved the value 34 mm, on the basis of which it can be said that the DVRM05 precision is at the level of technical levelling.

Slovak geoportal web page: .
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B. Droscak (2015). Geodeticke zaklady SR. Presented at Geodeticke zaklady a geodynamika 2015, 8-9 October 2015, Kocovce, Slovakia.
B. Droscak, J.Bublavy, M. Majkrakova (2016). Preparations for new realizations of vertical reference systems in Slovakia. EUREF 2016 annual symposium, 25-27 May 2016, San Sebastian, Spain.

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