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Moldova (MOLDGEO2004A)

  Authors: A.N. Marchenko, I.F. Monin     Created: 2004    Resp: A.N. Marchenko  
      Status: PRIVATE    
The MOLDGEO2004A model is a hybrid geoid computed by fitting the EGG97 quasi-geoid to about 1200 GPS/levelling height anomalies of the Moldavian network. Therefore it represents the geoidal heights above the GRS80 ellipsoid in the Baltic 1977 system, which is adopted in Moldova Republic. For its computation, a standard datum-shift transformation was initially applied to the EGG97 model to move it into the Baltic 1977 height system; then the contribution of the global gravitational model EGM96 up to degree and order 360 was removed to the data; the residual transformed EGG97 model was fitted to the residual GPS/levelling height anomalies by collocation with iterations on the covariance function estimation; finally the EGM96 contribution was restored, obtaining the MOLDGEO2004A model over a grid with a resolution of 1'x1.5'. This model was assessed by using 30 independent GPS/levelling control sites, showing that it allows for the conversion of the geodetic heights into normal heights in the Baltic 1977 height system with an accuracy better than 10 cm.

A.N. Marchenko, I.F. Monin (2004). Regional quasigeoid solution for the Moldova area from GPS/levelling data. Mitteilungen des Bundesamtes fur Kartographie und Geodasie, Band 35, Frankfurtn am Main, pp. 297-301.

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