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Hungary (HGG2013)

  Author: V. Corchete     Created: 2013    Resp: V. Corchete  
      Status: PUBLIC    
The HGG2013 model is a gravimetric geoid for Hungary. The used gravity dataset consists of 2145 points of free-air gravity anomalies provided by BGI. The remove-restore procedure has been used for the geoid determination. The reference global gravity model is EGM2008, while the residual terrain correction is based on the 3"x3" SRTM digital terrain model. The Stokes integral in convolution form is applied for the model computation. The resulting geoid undulations with respect to the GRS80 ellipsoid are provided as a data grid, covering the area from 45° to 48° 58'30" in latitude and from 16° to 22° 58'30" in longitude, with a spatial resolution of 1.5'x1.5'. The model accuracy is estimated by comparison with 18 GPS/levelling points on Hungary, resulting in an error standard deviation of 3.6 cm.

V. Corchete (2013). The first high-precision gravimetric geoid of Hungary: HGG2013. Online publication.

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