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Faroe Islands (FOGEOID2011)

  Author: R. Forsberg     Created: 2011    Resp: Stein Fossá  
      Status: PRIVATE    
FOGEOID2011 is a hybrid geoid model for Faroe Islands, covering the area 61-63°N and 9-5°W, with a spatial resolution of 0.005° x 0.01° corresponding to about 500 m. It was computed by fitting the FOGEOID2010 gravimetric model to GPS/levelling data and to the water level measurement on Suderoy. This water level information was added due to the Suderoy distance from the other islands. The adjustment was performed by least-squares collocation. The method, implemented in the GRAVSOFT package, acts as a trade-off between the smoothness of the adapting surface and the exact fit of the geoid in the given GPS/levelling points. The consistency of resulting geoid model with respect to the GPS/levelling data is of the order of 2 cm on the central islands.

R. Forsberg (2011). Endelig tilpasning af Færø geoiden til GPS og nivellement/vandstand: FOGEOID2011. Report, DTU-Space (in Danish).

Faroe Islands