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Australia (AUSGEO98)

  Authors: W. Featherstone, et al.     Created: 1998    Resp: AUSLIG  
      Status: PUBLIC    
The AUSGeoid98 gravimetric geoid model of Australia has been computed using data from the EGM96 global geopotential model, the 1996 release of the Australian gravity database, a nationwide digital elevation model, and satellite altimeter-derived marine gravity anomalies. The geoid heights are on a 2 by 2 arc-minute grid with respect to the GRS80 ellipsoid, and residual geoid heights were computed using the 1-D fast Fourier transform technique. This has been adapted to include a deterministically modified kernel over a spherical cap of limited spatial extent in the generalised Stokes scheme. Comparisons of AUSGeoid98 with GPS and Australian Height Datum (AHD) heights across the continent give an RMS agreement of 0.364 m, although this apparently large value is attributed partly to distortions in the AHD.

W.E. Featherstone, J.F. Kirby, A.H.W. Kearsley, J.R. Gilliland, G.M. Johnston, J. Steed, R. Forsberg, M.G. Sideris (2001). The AUSGeoid98 geoid model of Australia: data treatment, computations and comparisons with GPS-levelling data. Journal of Geodesy, 75, pp. 313-330. DOI: 10.1007/s001900100177

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