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Papua New Guinea (PNG08)

  Author: R. Stanaway     Created: 2011    Resp: R. Stanaway  
      Status: PUBLIC    
The PNG08 geoid model for Papua New Guinea has been released on the 14th October 2011. The geoid has been developed by Quickclose Pty Ltd and the responsible authority is the Papua New Guinea Office of the Surveyor General ( It has been derived from the EGM2008 geoid model. More specifically, an offset plane approximating the Mean Dynamic Topography (MDT) of the oceans has been applied to EGM2008 and validated by observed offsets between the Mean Sea Level and EGM2008 in Papua New Guinea. The PNG08 model is a grid of geoid values between latitude 0° and 12° South, and between 140° and 158° East. The model spacing is 2.5' in latitude and longitude in WGS84. The accuracy of the model is 0.2 m (1 sigma).

R. Stanaway (2012). PNG08 - A new geoid model for Papua New Guinea. Presented at 46th Association of Surveyors of Papua New Guinea Congress, Port Moresby, 1-3 August 2012.

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Papua New Guinea