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Papua New Guinea (PNG94)

  Author: : A.H.W. Kearsley, Z. Ahmad     Created: 1994    Resp: A.H.W. Kearsley  
      Status: PUBLIC    
The PNG94 model is a gravimetric geoid for Papua New Guinea. The computation is based on the remove-restore technique using 34,163 free air gravity data provided by GETECH, a commercial arm of the Department of Earth Sciences at Leeds university, UK. The reference global model is OSU91A, while no terrain corrections are computed because no DTM is available. A ring integration technique is used to compute the final geoid grid with a spatial resolution of 0.1°.

A.H.W. Kearsley, Z. Ahmad (1996). Report on the Geoid Computation for Papua New Guinea. Australian Component of the Land Management Project for Papua New Guinea.

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Papua New Guinea