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Mediterraean Sea (GEOMED)

  Author: GEOMED Project     Created: 1994    Resp: F. Sansò  
      Status: PUBLIC    
GEOMED is a gravimetric geoid for the Mediterranean Sea, covering the area 30° < lat < 47°, -5° < lon < 36° with a grid spacing of 5' x 5'. The model refers to the GRS80 system. Three geoid estimates were computed in the western, central and eastern Mediterranean Sea using marine gravity anomalies. The gravimetric geoids were calculated by remove-restore technique and fast collocation. To increase the overlapping with the aim of obtaining a unique geoid over the Mediterranean area, two additional geoid estimates centered on the edges of the original three solutions were computed. All the partial solutions were computed by removing the OSU91A global model from the data, apart from the western one which was based on OSU89B. The merging of the solutions was performed by a simple weighted mean. OSU91A geoid undulations were used to assign a value to grid knots inside the selected area but outside the union of the five local estimates.

D. Arabelos, R. Barzaghi, F. Sansò, G. Sona (1994). The gravimetric geoid and the SST in the Eastern Mediterranean. In: D. Arabelos, I.N. Tziavos (eds.), Mare Nostrum, Geomed Report 4, pp. 91-111, Ziti Publishing, Thessaloniki.
R. Barzaghi, G. Sona (1994). The geoid and the steady circulation pattern in the Mediterranean Sea. IGeS Bulletin, 3, pp. 67-81.

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Mediterranean Sea