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Ukraine (UFM/UFMC)

  Authors: A.N. Marchenko, et al.     Created: 1995    Resp: A.N. Marchenko  
      Status: PRIVATE    
This gravimetric model for the Ukraine area was derived from terrestrial free-air gravity anomalies and Geosat altimeter data over the Black and Azov Seas. A remove-restore procedure was adopted for the geoid computation, considering the NFME model as reference field. This model was composed by a set of 5 central and 1417 non-central radial multipole, approximating the area under study better than OSU91A. The residual gravity anomalies were approximated by a set of 296 radial multipoles, which were determined by using the Sequential Multipole Analysis (SMA). Therefore the UFM model consists of 5 central and 1713 non-central radial multipoles. Finally the UFMC model was computed by adjusting the UFM solution to the absolute gravity measurements of 7 stations located on the seashore. Both the UFM and UFMC models are referred to the GRS80 reference ellipsoid and approximate gravity anomalies in the study terrestrial/marine area with an accuracy of 2 mGal.

A.N. Marchenko, O.A. Abrikosov, P.O. Romanishin (1995). Improvement of the gravimetric geoid in the Ukraine area using absolute gravity data. Reports of the Finnish Geodetic Institute, 95(7), pp. 19-22.

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