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Sweden (SWEN08_RH70)

  Author: J. Ågren     Created: 2008    Resp: J. Ågren  
      Status: PUBLIC    
SWEN08_RH70 is a Swedish height correction model that has been computed by adapting the Swedish gravimetric quasigeoid model KTH08 to the Swedish three-dimensional reference system SWEREF 99 (ETRS89 realization) and to the old Swedish height system RH 70. It is referred to the GRS80 ellipsoid and extends from 54°N to 74°N and from 10°E to 25°E with a grid spacing of 1.2' x 2.4'. The model has been computed from the model SWEN08_RH2000 by taking care of the difference between the Swedish height systems RH 2000 and RH 70. The model includes permanent tide and postglacial land uplift corrections, as well as an interpolated smooth representation of the Swedish GNSS/levelling residuals. See the description of SWEN08_RH2000 for more details.

J. Ågren (2009). Beskrivning av de nationella geoidmodellerna SWEN08_RH2000 och SWEN08_RH70 (in Swedish). Reports in Geodesy and Geographic Information Systems, 2009:1, Gävle, Sweden.
J. Ågren, L.E. Sjöberg, R. Kiamehr (2009). The New Gravimetric Quasigeoid Model KTH08 over Sweden. Journal of Applied Geodesy, 3, pp. 143-153. DOI: 10.1515/JAG.2009.015