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Sweden (SWEN08_RH2000)

  Author: J. Ågren     Created: 2008    Resp: J. Ågren  
      Status: PUBLIC    
SWEN08_RH2000 is a Swedish height correction model that has been computed by adapting the Swedish gravimetric quasigeoid model KTH08 to the Swedish three-dimensional reference system SWEREF 99 (ETRS89 realization) and to the modern Swedish height system RH 2000 (EVRS realization). It is referred to the GRS80 ellipsoid and extends from 54°N to 74°N and from 10°E to 25°E with a grid spacing of 1.2' x 2.4'. The model includes permanent tide and postglacial land uplift corrections and is derived by first shifting the gravimetric model (KTH08) and then adding a smooth residual surface computed by least squares collocation based on an updated Swedish GNSS/levelling dataset. The standard uncertainty of SWEN08_RH2000 has been estimated to 10-15 mm everywhere on the Swedish mainland with exception of the area to the north-west not covered by the third Swedish precise levelling. The standard error is larger in the latter area and at sea, probably around 5-10 cm.

J. Ågren (2009). Beskrivning av de nationella geoidmodellerna SWEN08_RH2000 och SWEN08_RH70 (in Swedish). Reports in Geodesy and Geographic Information Systems, 2009:1, Gävle, Sweden.
J. Ågren, L.E. Sjöberg, R. Kiamehr (2009). The New Gravimetric Quasigeoid Model KTH08 over Sweden. Journal of Applied Geodesy, 3, pp. 143-153. DOI: 10.1515/JAG.2009.015