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Iberian Peninsula (IBERGEO95)

  Author: M.J. Sevilla     Created: 1995    Resp: M.J. Sevilla  
      Status: PRIVATE    
This is a gravimetric geoid model of the Iberian Peninsula, referred to GRS80 ellipsoid. It was computed by using a remove-restore procedure with the following data: a) the OSU91A global geopotential model, b) a set of 186813 points of marine and land free air gravity anomalies covering the Iberian Peninsula and surrounding regions, c) a 1 km x 1 km digital terrain model derived from MDT200 for Spain and from ETOPO5U for the rest of the area. The geoid computation was based on Stokes' integration in convolution form, exploiting 1D FFT technique. The terrain correction was applied to the data and the corresponding indirect effect was taken into account. The computed geoid was compared to GPS/levelling data, showing a precision of 1.0 ppm.

M.J. Sevilla (1995). A new gravimetric geoid in the Iberian Peninsula. Bureau Gravimetrique International, BGI Bulletin d'Information, n. 77 and International Geoid Service, Iges Bulletin, n. 4, pp. 163-180.

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