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Iberian Peninsula (IBERGEO2006)

  Author: M.J. Sevilla     Created: 2006    Resp: M.J. Sevilla  
      Status: PRIVATE    
This is a gravimetric geoid model of the Iberian Peninsula, referred to WGS84 reference system. IBERGEO2006 was computed using the same methodology of the predecessor IBERGEO95, with the following data: a) the EIGEN-CG03C global geopotential model, complete to degree and order 360, b) a set of 209752 validated marine and land free air gravity anomalies covering the Iberian Peninsula and surrounding regions, also including Northern Africa, c) the IBHGEO200 digital terrain model with a resolution of 200 m x 200 m, d) altimetry satellite data from ERS1-2 and TOPEX/POSEIDON, to be used for validation. The geoid computation was based on Stokes' integration in convolution form, exploiting 1D FFT technique. The terrain correction was applied to the data and the corresponding indirect effect was taken into account. The computed geoid was compared to 410 GPS/levelling points provided by the Geographical Institutes of Spain and Portugal, showing a standard deviation of 1.3 centimeters and a relative precision of 0.62 ppm.

M.J. Sevilla (2006). IBERGEO 2006: Nuevo Geoide centimetrico de la Peninsula Iberica. Topografia y cartografia: Revista del Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Tecnicos en Topografia, vol. 23, n. 135, pp. 3-11.

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