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Slovenia (SLOAMG2000)

  Authors: Pribicevic     Created: 2000    Resp: K. Medved  
      Status: PUBLIC    
This is a geoid model for Slovenia, referred to the GRS80 ellipsoid. It was computed by least-squares collocation in the framework of a remove-restore procedure with use of global geopotential model EGM96. The computation was based on 99 points with measured values ​​of vertical deflections (51 in Slovenia, 23 in Croatia, 20 in Austria 5 and Hungary), 4605 points of gravity anomalies and taking into account the digital model of the density of Earth's crust. The computed geoid surface was adapted to 163 GNSS/levelling points, which were fairly distributed throughout the territory of Slovenia. The SLOAMG2000 model is given in the form of a regular grid, with resolution of 1'x1.5', within the limits of 13.25° < lon. < 16.75° (East of Greenwich) and 45.25° < lat. < 47.00° (North of the equator). In this area geoid heights range between 44.140 and 48.724 m, with an average of 46.453 m. Note that grid values of geoid heights are given only within the borders of Slovenia. The inner accuracy of the calculated geoid heights is on average of 3 cm.

B. Pribicevic (2000). Uporaba geološko-geofizicnih in geodetskih baz podatkov za racunanje ploskve geoida Republike Slovenije. PhD thesis, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, 115 pages (in Slovenian).
M. Kuhar, M. Okorn, B. Stopar (2010). Dolocitev odklonov navpicnic iz geoidnih visin (Determination of deflection of the vertical from geoid heights). Geodetski vestnik, 54(4), pp. 595-605 (in Slovenian). DOI: 10.15292/geodetski-vestnik.2010.04.595-605
M. Kuhar, S. Berk, B. Koler, K. Medved, O. Omang, D. Solheim (2011). Vloga kakovostnega visinskega sistema in geoida za izvedbo GNSS-visinomerstva (The quality role of height system and geoid model in the realization of GNSS heighting). Geodetski vestnik, 55(2), pp. 226-234 (in Slovenian). DOI: 10.15292/geodetski-vestnik.2011.02.226-234

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