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Poland (quasi09c)

  Author: A. Lyszkowicz     Created: 2010    Resp: A. Lyszkowicz  
      Status: PUBLIC    
The Poland gravimetric quasigeoid 2009 (quasi09c) was computed for the area 47 ° < lat < 57° and 11° < lon < 27°, with a resolution of 1.5' x 3.0' and by using least squares collocation in the framework of a remove-restore technique. Gravity anomalies used in geoid modelling were mainly from Poland and also from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, West Ukraine, Byelorussia, Lithuania, Latvia, Denmark, Germany. The global model was EGM2008, referred to a tide free system and to a reference ellipsoid (GRS80), while the terrain models were SRTM and DTED, the latter being worked out according to the NATO standards by polish military group. The estimated accuracy of this quasigeoid model is ± 3.2 cm when evaluated at 360 points of POLREF network, and ± 1.8 cm when evaluated at 190 points of a GPS/levelling control traverse.

A. Lyszkowicz (2010). QuasiGeoid for the Area of Poland computed by least squares collocation. Technical Sciences, 13, pp. 147-164.

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