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Poland (KTH-PL-GEOID2015)

  Authors: J. Kuczynska-Siehien, et al.     Created: 2015    Resp: J. Kuczynska-Siehien  
      Status: PUBLIC    
The KTH-PL-GEOID2015 is a geoid model for Poland computed by applying the method developed at the KTH, which is based on a least-squares modification of Stokes formula. This gravimetric model extends from 48°N to 56°N and from 12°E to 26°E with a grid spacing of 1.5'x3.0'. In computations, terrestrial gravity anomalies derived from nine different gravimetric data sets, the global geopotential model EGM2008 and the global elevation model SRTM v.4.1 were used. The determined gravimetric geoid model was evaluated with GPS/levelling points of the Polish ASG-EUPOS network. After fitting the geoid model to the GPS/levelling data using a 7-parameter model, the standard deviation of differences was estimated to 2 cm.

J. Kuczynska-Siehien, A. Lyszkowicz, M. Birylo (2016). Geoid determination for the area of Poland by the least squares modification of Stokes' formula. Acta Geodynamica et Geomaterialia, 13(1), pp. 19-26.DOI: 10.13168/AGG.2015.0041"

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