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Poland (PL-quasi-geoid2021)

  Authors: M. Trojanowicz, M. Owczarek-Wesołowska     Created: 2021    Resp: J. Somla  
      Status: PUBLIC    
The Poland PL-quasi-geoid2021 model was computed for the area 48°N < lat < 56°N and 13°E < lon < 25°E, with a resolution of 0.01° x 0.01° by using the GGI method. The model was elaborated on the basis of currently available gravimetric data, the SGG-UGM-2 global geopotential model, and the SRTM V 4.1 digital terrain model with a resolution of 3". The fit of the model to the GPS/leveling data was performed at selected POLREF points. The provided height anomalies are the difference of geodetic heights in the PL-ETRF2000-GRS80h system and normal heights in the PL-EVRF2007-NH system. The reference ellipsoid for this model is GRS80. The standard deviation of the heights difference at the GPS/leveling points is 1.9 cm.

Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography (2021). Publikacja nowego modelu quasi-geoidy (in Polish). Warszawa, Poland.
Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography (2021). Raport techniczny (in Polish). Warszawa, Poland.