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Netherlands (NLGEO2004)

  Authors: A. de Brijne, M. Crombaghs     Created: 2004    Resp: B.A. Alberts  
      Status: PUBLIC    
NLGEO2004 is a quasi-geoid model for The Netherlands. It covers the Netherlands land area, namely 50.525° < lat < 53.675°, 3.20833° < lon < 7.45833°, with a grid spacing of 3' in latitude and 5' in longitude. The NLGEO2004 quasi-geoid heights are referred to the ETRS89/GRS80 ellipsoid. Its computation was based on the remove-compute-restore technique with EGM96 as reference geopotential model. The solution was obtained in one step only over the whole area using two different estimation methods, Fast Collocation and FFT. A correction surface was computed by fitting the gravimetric geoid with 84 GPS/levelling points through a second-order bivariate polynomial.

M. Crombaghs, A. de Bruijne (2004). NLGEO2004 - een nieuw geoide- model voor Nederland. Adviesdienst Geo-informatie en ICT, Report AGI-GAP-2004-25, Delft, 41 pages.

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