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Italy (ITALGEO99)

  Author: Politecnico di Milano     Created: 1999    Resp: R. Barzaghi  
      Status: PRIVATE    
The ITALGEO99 gravimetric quasi-geoid has been computed in the area 36° < lat < 47°, 6° < lon < 19° on a 2'x 2' regular geographical grid. With respect to the previous ITALGEO95 estimate, new gravity data have been included in the gravity data base (Slovenia area) and a completely revised DTM has been used for the Residual Terrain Correction computation. Furthermore, the more recent global geopotential models EGM96 and GPM98CR have been tested to account for the long wavelength features of gravity and quasi-geoid. The method that was applied to get the final estimate is basically the same used for computing ITALGEO95, i.e. the "remove-restore" technique plus Fast Collocation. In this way, the solution was obtained over the entire window in one step only. Comparisons with GPS/leveling GEOTRAV data show that improvements have been reached with respect to ITALGEO95, especially in Sicily and Sardinia where the ITALGEO99 quasi-geoid has a sub-decimetric precision.

R. Barzaghi, B. Betti, A. Borghi, G. Sona, V. Tornatore (2002). The Italian quasi-geoid ITALGEO99. Bollettino di Geodesia e Scienze Affini, 61(1), pp. 33-51.