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Italy (ITALGEO95)

  Author: Politecnico di Milano     Created: 1995    Resp: R. Barzaghi  
      Status: PRIVATE    
ITALGEO95 is a gravimetric quasi-geoid for the Italian territory computed at Politecnico di Milano. The area covered is 36° < lat < 47°, 6° < lon < 19° with grid spacing of 3' both in latitude and in longitude. The Italian gravity database already used for the previous releases of ITALGEO has been augmented with the digitalized Morelli's gravity maps over Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Seas, and with the BGI gravity anomalies on land areas on the northern Italian border plus data covering the Corsica island. The reference global model and DTM have been also updated with respect to ITAGEO90. In particular the remove-restore procedure is based on the OSU91A global gravity model and on a unique DTM obtained by merging several national DTMs, Morelli's bathymetry and the ETOPO5U global model. Differently from ITALGEO90, which was based on local collocation over several overlapping areas, the computation of ITALGEO95 is based on fast collocation, leading to a solution in one step only over the whole area. The precision is about 10-5 ppm.

R. Barzaghi, M.A. Brovelli, A. Manzino, D. Sguerso, G. Sona (1996). The new Italian quasi-geoid ITALGEO95. Bollettino di Geodesia e Scienze Affini, 55(1), 57-72.

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