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Italy (ITALGEO90)

  Author: Politecnico di Milano     Created: 1990    Resp: B. Benciolini  
      Status: PUBLIC    
ITALGEO90 is a gravimetric quasi-geoid covering the whole Italian territory. With respect to the previous ITALGEO83 estimate, the gravity database is the same but the Residual Terrain Correction (RTC) has been introduced to account for the high frequencies of the gravimetric signal. The remove-restore procedure is based on the IFE88E2 global gravity model (tailored over Europe) up to degree and order 360 and on the following two digital terrain models: the national DTM of mean heigths with 7"x10" resolution and the global DTM TUG87 with 5'x5' resolution. The latter has been used both to complete the missing data of the former (mainly for the bathymetry) and to compute the mean reference DTM which is necessary for the RTC computation. The two DTMs are not completely consistent, showing some systematic differences. A collocation procedure has been applied for each of the 11 overlapped zones, after locally adapting some parameters of the covariance function. The precision is of the order of meter in absolute and about 5 ppm in relative.

B. Benciolini, A. Manzino, F. Sansò, D. Sguerso (1991). ITALGEO '90: Progress Report June '90. In: R.H. Rapp, F. Sansò (eds.), Determination of the Geoid, IAG Symposia Series, vol. 106, pp. 201-213, Springer Verlag. DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4612-3104-2_25
B. Benciolini, A. Manzino, D. Sguerso (1991). Italgeo '90: risultati globali, validazioni e confronti. Proc. of the 10th GNGTS national conference, 6-8 November 1991, Rome, Italy, pp. 992-998 (in Italian).

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