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Italy (ITALGEO83)

  Authors: Politecnico di Milano, University of Bologna     Created: 1983    Resp: B. Benciolini  
      Status: PUBLIC    
ITALGEO83 is the first Italian gravimetric quasi-geoid. The data which have been used are the gravity anomalies supplied by BGI. The first step of the data treatment is the partitioning of the Italian area into 13 overlapped zones and then the estimation of a covariance function for each zone. The second step is just the estimation of geoidal heights on a regular grid with 10' resolution. A local collocation procedure has been applied by using the Rapp model (1979) up to degree and order 180 as the reference field. The resulting error rms is almost everywhere less than 0.5 m on the land. The provided file of geoidal heights is digitalized from the appendix of the reference paper.

B. Benciolini, L. Mussio, F. Sanso', P. Gasperini, S. Zerbini (1984). Geoid Computations in the Italian Area. Bollettino di Geodesia e Scienze Affini, 43(3), pp. 213-243.

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