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Iceland (ICEGEOID2011)

  Authors: T. Sigurdsson, G. Valsson     Created: 2011    Resp: G. Valsson  
      Status: PUBLIC    
The Iceland IceGeoid2011 model has been computed by the National Land Survey of Iceland (NLSI) in cooperation with the Danish Technical University (DTU). The ground gravity database has been collected since 1968 by the National Energy Authority and DMA (Defence Mapping Agency), by the Institute of Earth Sciences, and by the National Land Survey of Iceland. A remove-restore procedure has been used for the gravimetric geoid computation, also exploiting EGM2008 and the most recent model from the GOCE satellite, as well as a DEM based on the IS 50V database and ice-thickness data of the main glaciers in Iceland. The geoid heights are fitted to the ISH2004 vertical reference system using over 300 GNSS/levelling benchmarks, with a resulting standard deviation of 1.7 cm.

T. Sigurdsson, G. Valsson (2014). National Report from Iceland. Presented at 17th NKG General Assembly, 1-4 September 2014, Goteborg, Sweden.

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