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Attica Basin (Geoid2015)

  Authors: G.D. Georgopoulos, E.C. Telioni     Created: 2015    Resp: E.C. Telioni  
      Status: PUBLIC    
This is a local geoid model covering the area of Attica basin, Greece (350 km2 approximately). Local geoid heights with respect to the reference ellipsoid GRS80 of the Greek Geodetic Reference System (GGRS87) are estimated from GPS/levelling using a geodetic network consisting of 15 points established in the area. The reference surface of the geoid heights is the local MSL in Piraeus port. The geoid surface is approximated with a second order parametric model. The area covered by this local geoid surface is 37° 50' < lat < 38° 8', 23° 38'< lon < 23° 56', with a grid spacing of 1' both in latitude and longitude.

G.D. Georgopoulos, E.C. Telioni (2015). Determination of local geoid model in Attica Basin Greece. Survey Review, 47(341), pp. 109-114. DOI: 10.1179/1752270614Y.0000000096

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Attica Basin Greece