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Corsica (RAC09)

  Author: F. L'Ecu     Created: 2009    Resp: F. L'Ecu  
      Status: PUBLIC    
RAC09 is a hybrid geoid model for Corsica with a grid spacing of 1.5' in latitude and 2' in longitude. It is an adaptation of the QGC02 model to 60 GPS/levelling points. The RAC09 model represents the height of the IGN78 reference surface above the GRS80 ellipsoid. It has been assessed by using 15 independent GPS/levelling points, showing differences with an rms of 3.4 cm.

F. L'Ecu (2009). Corse: rapport de constitution de la grille de conversion altimetrique RAC09. IGN/SGN RT/G 81.
IGN (2010). Descriptifs quasi-geoides et grilles de conversion altimetrique sur la France metropolitaine. Laboratoire de Recherche en Geodesie, Service de Geodesie et Nivellement.

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