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Corsica (QGC02)

  Authors: H. Duquenne, et al.     Created: 2002    Resp: F. L'Ecu  
      Status: PUBLIC    
QGC02 is a gravimetric quasi-geoid model for the Corsica region, with a grid spacing of 1.5' in latitude and 2' in longitude. It is based on an airborne gravimetric measurement campaign which was carried out in 2001. This dataset includes 1458 filtered values ​​of gravity anomalies distributed along 2510 km of flight lines, with an internal accuracy of 2.6 mGal estimated at 25 crossing points. This dataset was used to validate and augment the previously available gravity database, including terrestrial and marine observations as well as gravity anomalies derived from satellite altimetry. The QGC02 quasi-geoid was computed by using this augmented gravity database together with the EGM96 global gravity model in the framework of a remove-restore technique. The reference ellipsoid is GRS80. A comparison with 51 GPS/levelling points located in Corsica and in Provence shows differences with a standard deviation of 7.7 cm and 10.8 cm, respectively (both standard deviations are evaluated after detrending).

H. Duquenne, A.V. Olesen, R. Forsberg, A. Gidskehaug (2004). Amelioration du champ de pesanteur et du geoide autour de la Corse par gravimetrie aeroportee. Revue XYZ, 101, pp. 67-74.
IGN (2010). Descriptifs quasi-geoides et grilles de conversion altimetrique sur la France metropolitaine. Laboratoire de Recherche en Geodesie, Service de Geodesie et Nivellement.

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