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Estonia (EST-GEOID2017)

  Authors: A. Ellmann, et al.     Created: 2017    Resp: A. Ellmann  
      Status: ON-DEMAND    

EST-GEOID2017 is a quasi-geoid model for Estonia, covering the region from 57°N to 60°N latitude and from 20°E to 30°E longitude, with a spatial resolution of 1'x2'(that is about 1.8x1.8 km). It is referred to the GRS80 ellipsoid (ETRF2000 frame, epoch 2000.0). It is based on land, sea-bottom, ship and airborne gravity data, with a spatial coverage of 1 point per 10 km². The quasi-geoid determination is based on a least-squares modified Stokes formula, where long-wavelength information comes from the GOCO05s global gravity model up to degree and order 200. The resulting gravimetric quasi-geoid (that is called GRAV-GEOID2017) is fitted with 131 national GNSS/levelling observations. After removing a bias of about 56.1 cm, the fitting procedure is performed by least-squares collocation. The post-fitting uncertainties of the resulting EST-GEOID2017 hybrid model show a standard deviation of 4.2 mm, which is of the same level as the uncertainty of the used GNSS/levelling points. Note also that due to the low elevations and the insignificant Bouguer gravity anomalies within the study region, the difference between geoid and quasi-geoid models does not exceed 3 mm.

A. Ellmann, S. Märdla, T. Oja (2019). The 5 mm geoid model for Estonia computed by the least squares modified Stokes formula. Survey Review. DOI: 10.1080/00396265.2019.1583848

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