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Denmark (DKGEOID12)

  Author: R. Forsberg     Created: 2012    Resp: R. Forsberg  
      Status: PRIVATE   
DKgeoid12 is a hybrid geoid model for Denmark, covering the area 54-58.5°N and 6-17°E with a grid resolution of 00.01° x 0.02°. It is computed by adapting the NKG04 gravimetric geoid to 720 GPS/levelling observations in the Danish Vertical Datum DVR90. All islands are retained with their own height datum. This implies that the adaptation surface on the sea is a "smooth" mixture of the different systems. The major corrections are on Bornholm, Samsø and Ærø, as well as in northern Hanstholm and eastern Zealand. A comparison of DKgeoid12 with the previous GPS-adapted DKgeoid02, based on the NKG96 gravimetric model, shows changes up to 5 cm in the Danish area. The largest differences are in Sweden, mainly due to differences in the underlying gravimetric geoids. Danish geoid models are developed by DTU Space, as part of the cooperation contract with the Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency (SDFE).

R. Forsberg (2016). Ny dansk geoide tilpasset revideret GPS og DVR90 – DKGEOID12. Report of National Space Institute at the Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark (in Danish).