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Bulgaria (QBG01) (HGG2013)

  Author: E. Peneva     Created: 2001    Resp: E. Peneva  
      Status: N/A    
TheThe QBG01 gravimetric quasi-geoid model for Bulgaria covers the area from 41° to 44.5° North latitude and from 22° to 28.5° East longitude. It was computed by remove-restore technique, based on the global geopotential model EGM96 and the topographic model DTED Level 0. The maps of Bouguer anomalies for Bulgaria in scale 1:200000 were used to derive gravimetric data. Scanned images of these maps were processed with programs from Intergraph to obtain a digital grid with spacing 1 arc-minute. To compute the quasi-geoid model and to prepare data for the processing, programs from the GRAVSOFT package were used.

E. Peneva (2001). Gravimetric method for determination of the geoid of the territory of Bulgaria. PhD Thesis. University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Sofia, Bulgaria.