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Belgium (BG03)

  Authors: M. Everaerts, et al.     Created: 2003    Resp: M. Everaerts  
      Status: ON-DEMAND    
The Belgium gravimetric quasigeoid was computed by the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB) with the cooperation of International Geoid Service (IGeS). The area covered by this quasigeoid estimate is 48.5° < lat < 52.5°, 1° < lon < 7°, with grid spacing of 1' in both latitude and longitude. An improved gravity dataset was used with respect to the previous BG96 model. The computation was based on the remove-restore technique, using the EGM96 global geopotential model up to degree and order 360, and a digital terrain model with spacing of 2.5' in latitude and 3' in longitude. The solution was obtained in one step only over the whole area by using the Fast Collocation method. The BG03 model was validated by comparing it with 36 GPS/levelling points, showing an accuracy of about 3 cm.

Grid description:
- a header (unit degree): southern latitude northern latitude, western longitude eastern longitude, latitude increment longitude increment
- quasigeoid undulation in meters from north to south and for each latitude from west to east.

R. Barzaghi, A. Borghi, B. Ducarme, M. Everaerts (2003). Quasi-geoid BG03 computation in Belgium, Newton's Bulletin, 1, pp. 78-94.

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