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South-East Asia

  Authors: H.H. Fashir, M.A. Kadir, K. Omar     Created: 1999    Resp: H.H.Fashir  
      Status: ON-DEMAND   
This is a high-resolution and high-precision regional co-geoid computed for the whole of South East Asia, ranging from 15° S to 25° N in Latitude and 90° E to 140° E in Longitude. The EGM96 geopotential model truncated to degree and order 70 was combined with surface gravity data and modified Stokes's kernel to generate the geoid file. The surface data consists of 1° x 1° and 30' x 30' mean gravity anomalies.

M.A. Kadir, H.H. Fashir, K. Omar (1999). A regional gravimetric co-geoid over South East Asia. Geomatics Research Australasia, 71, pp. 37-56.

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South East Asia