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Vietnam (VIGAC2017)

  Author: Ha Minh Hoa     Created: 2017    Resp: Ha Minh Hoa  
      Status: N/A   
VIGAC2017 is a hybrid geoid model for Vietnam, computed by combining the VIGAC2014 model and GNSS/levelling data. The VIGAC2014 model was computed by adding a constant of 86 cm to the EGM2008 quasi-geoid heights, so that the quasi-geoid height at the Hon Dau tide gauge station was equal to zero. The transformation from VIGAC2014 to VIGAC2017 consists in a 7-parameter transformation from the ITRF global reference system (WGS84 reference ellipsoid) to the VN2000-3D national reference system. The parameters were determined by fitting 164 GNSS/levelling points. The estimated accuracy of the VIGAC2017 model is at the level of 6.2 cm.

Ha Minh Hoa (2017). Construction of initial national quasi-geoid model VIGAC2017, first step to national spatial reference system in Vietnam. Vietnam Journal of Earth Sciences, 39(2), pp. 155-166. DOI: 10.15625/0866-7187/39/2/9702