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Thailand (TGM2017)

  Authors: P. Dumrongchai, et al.     Created: 2017    Resp: P. Dumrongchai  
      Status: N/A   
Thailand geoid model of 2017 (TGM2017) is a hybrid geoid model with a one-arc minute spatial resolution. The model contained the latest gravity data sets from the terrestrial and airborne gravimetric survey campaigns from 2015 to 2016. The combination of global geopotential models, EGM2008/GOCE and DTU13, contributed to the long-wavelength information of TGM2017, including sea areas. TGM2017 was tested using 100 GNSS heights co-located with orthometric heights, referenced in the national Kolak vertical datum of 1915 (Kolak-1915). The testing results showed a 5-cm root mean square (rms) with a mean offset of +0.011 m. TGM2017 has been planned to support the height modernization system through the GNSS continuously operating reference station network of Thailand.

P. Dumrongchai, C. Srimanee, N. Duangdee, J. Bairaksa (2020). Thailand Geoid Model of 2017 and a look ahead. Presented at the First Asia Pacific geoid workshop for IAG-SC2.4e, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, 29 October 2020.
P. Dumrongchai, N. Duangdee (2019). Evaluation of TGM2017 for Height System Using GNSS/Leveling Data in Thailand. International Transaction Journal of Engineering Management & Applied Sciences & Technologies, 10(10), pp. 1-10, DOI:10.14456/ITJEMAST.2019.135.