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Singapore (SGEOID09)

  Author: Y.K. Tor     Created: 2009    Resp: Y.K. Tor  
      Status: PRIVATE    
SGEOID09 is a geometric geoid model for Singapore. A complete re-levelling of the Singapore network was carried out, together with GPS observations in RTK mode. After a proper outlier rejection, the SGEOID09 model was computed by interpolating 406 GPS/levelling benchmarks with a stepwise multiple regression. According to its accuracy, the SGEOID09 model is suited in engineering applications which can accommodate a height uncertainty of 5 cm.

Y.K. Tor (2010). Accuracy of Geometric Geoid Model of Singapore using RTK Heighting. Proceedings of the FIG Congress 2010, 11-16 April 2010, Sydney, Australia (see presentation).

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