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Philippines (PGM2014)

  Authors: R. Forsberg, et al.     Created: 2014    Resp: R. Gatchalian  
      Status: PUBLIC    
This is a geoid model for Philippines computed by the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA) with the technical assistance of the National Space Institute of the Denmark Technical University (DTU-Space). The geoid covers the region 4-22°N, 112-128°E, and has a resolution of 0.025°. The used data came from NAMRIA land gravity, airborne gravity and DTU10 global gravity anomalies from multi-mission satellite altimetry. The airborne gravity survey were conducted by DTU-Space from March to May of 2014 using a Cessna Caravan aircraft, at a mean flight altitude of 3185 m. The PGM2014 model was computed by the GRAVSOFT software package, using the "remove-restore" technique. The used global gravity model was a combination between the GOCE R5 direct solution and EGM2008 up to degree and order 720, while the used terrain model was SRTM 15" DEM. The method for the gravimetric geoid determination was the spherical Fast Fourier Transform with optimized kernels. The obtained gravimetric quasigeoid was first converted to a geoid by using a Bouguer anomaly grid and then shifted by +80 cm to approximately fit the Manila tide gauge datum. The resulting PGM2014 model has an estimated accuracy of 30 cm.

R. Forsberg, A.V. Olesen, R. Gatchalian, C.C. Cal Ortiz (2014). Geoid model of the Philippines from airborne and surface gravity. Report of National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA), Dept. of Environmental and Natural Resources, Republic of The Philippines.

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