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Peninsular Malaysia (PMHG2020)

  Authors: M.F. Pa’suya, et al.     Created: 2020    Resp: M.F. Pa’suya  
      Status: PRIVATE 
PMHG2020 is a hybrid geoid model for Peninsular Malaysia with a grid spacing of 1minute for latitude and longitude. This hybrid geoid model fits the Peninsular Malaysia Gravimetric Geoid (PMGG2020) to the Peninsular Malaysia Geodetic Vertical Datum (PMGVD) using 153 GNSS levelling points and evaluated using 20 independent GNSS levelling points. The PMGG2020 is developed using Least Square Modification of Stokes’ Formula (LSMSF) by combining a GO_CONS_GCF_2_SPW_R4 global geopotential model, land gravity measurements, airborne and the DTU17 altimetry-derived marine gravity model. The accuracy of ±4.6 cm has been achieved after evaluating the PMHG2020 by 20 GNSS levelling points, externally. The overall results indicate that PMHG2020 can be valuable as an alternative to the official hybrid geoid developed by the Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia (DSMM).

M.F. Pa’suya, A.H. Md Din, R.A. Abbak, M.H. Hamden, N.M. Yazid, M.A. Che Aziz, M.A. Abd Samad (2022). Hybrid geoid model over peninsular Malaysia (PMHG2020) using two approaches. Studia Geophysica Geodaetica 66, pp. 98-123. DOI: 10.1007/s11200-021-0769-2.