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  Author: D.A. Shoganbekova     Created: 2015    Resp: D.A. Shoganbekova  
      Status: PRIVATE    
The Kazakh gravimetric geoid model (KazGM2015) is computed by applying the method developed at the KTH, which is based on least-squares modification of Stokes formula. Two sets of regional gravity data are used: the first one is provided by the GETECH. The long-wavelength contribution is taken from two geopotential models: GOCE DIR, EGM2008. SRTM is used to compute topography effects on the geoid. The KazGM2015model is computed on a 5 x 5 arc-min geographical grid over the computation area bounded by the parallels of 37 and 59 arc-deg northern latitude, and the meridians of 43 and 91 arc-deg of eastern longitude. The geoid heights are with respect to the WGS84 reference ellipsoid. The differences between the geoid undulations from GPS/Levelling and KazGM2015 change from -0.295 m to 0.327 m and the standard deviation is 0.177 m. The relative accuracy achieved was of the order of 1.219 ppm for baselines between 15 and 1633 kilometers.

D. Shoganbekova, H. Fan, T. Pentayev (2015). Gravimetric geoid model over Kazakhstan. Proceedings of the 15th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference Surveying Geology and Mining Ecology Management (SGEM), 2(2), pp. 283-290. DOI: 10.5593/SGEM2015/B22/S9.035

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