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Japan (GSIGEO96)

  Authors: Y. Fukuda, et al.     Created: 1996    Resp: T. Yahagi (GSI)  
      Status: PUBLIC    
The GSIGEO96 model is a hybrid geoid for Japan of the Geographical Survey Institute ( This model is provided on a 3'x3' grid and it is referred to the GRS80 ellipsoid in the ITRF89 frame. It is computed by fitting the JGEOID93 gravimetric geoid model to the nationwide network of 806 sites via Least-Squares Collocation. The final result shows that the RMS difference between the GPS/leveling data and the obtained hybrid geoid model is better than 7 cm in all survey areas.

Y. Fukuda, J. Kuroda, Y. Takabatake, J. Itoh, M. Murakami (1997). Improvement of JGEOID93 by the geoidal heights derived from GPS/leveling survey. In: J. Segawa, H. Fujimoto, S. Okubo (eds.), Gravity, Geoid and Marine geodesy, IAG Symposia Series, vol. 117, pp. 589-596, Springer Verlag. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-662-03482-8_78
J. Kuroda, Y. Takabatake, M. Matsushima, Y. Fukuda (1997). Integration of gravimetric geoid and GPS/leveling survey by Least Squares Collocation. Journal of the Geographical Survey Institute, 87, pp. 1-3 (in Japanese).

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