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Japan (GSIGEO2011)

  Authors: B. Miyahara, T. Kodama, Y. Kuroishi     Created: 2011    Resp: T. Yahagi (GSI)  
      Status: PUBLIC    
The GSIGEO2011 model is a new hybrid geoid for Japan of the Geographical Survey Institute ( This model is provided on a 1'x1.5' grid and it is referred to the GRS80 ellipsoid in the ITRF94 frame (epoch 1997.0), i.e. the Japanese Geodetic Datum 2000 (JGD2000). It is computed by fitting the JGEOID2008 gravimetric geoid model to GNSS/levelling data at 971 sites (786 GEONET stations, 156 benchmarks and 29 tidal stations) via Least-Squares Collocation. The resulting hybrid model reproduces geoid heights at the GNSS/levelling sites with a standard deviation of 1.8 cm.

B. Miyahara, T. Kodama, Y. Kuroishi (2014). Development of new hybrid geoid model for Japan, "GSIGEO2011". Bulletin of the Geographical Information Authority of Japan, 62, pp. 11-20.

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