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Xinjiang and Tibet (China)

  Authors: WenBin Shen, Jiancheng Han     Created: 2013    Resp: WenBin Shen  
      Status: PUBLIC   

A geoid over the Xinjiang and Tibetan regions, which ranges from latitude 25 to 50°N and longitude 70 to 100°E, with resolution 5'x5', has been computed. The computation is based on the concepts and realization of the shallow-layer geoid determination method. This takes full advantage of the precise Earth gravity field model EGM2008, digital topographic model DTM2006.0 and global crust model CRUST2.0 of a shallow layer, a layer from the Earth's surface to a depth. The modeled 5'x5' regional geoid is compared with the EGM2008 geoid model in the same study area and validated by 21 GPS/leveling benchmarks (GPSBMs) distributed sparsely in the Xinjiang area. The results show that the regional geoid reaches an accuracy of about 18 cm and agrees with the GPSBMs better than the EGM2008 geoid in the Xinjiang region.

WenBin Shen, Jiancheng Han (2013). Improved Geoid Determination Based on the Shallow-Layer Method: A Case Study Using EGM08 and CRUST2.0 in the Xinjiang and Tibetan Regions. Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, 24(4), pp. 591-604. DOI: 10.3319/TAO.2012.11.12.01(TibXS)

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Xinjiang and Tibetan regions