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Lake Vostok - Antarctica

  Authors: J. Schwabe, et al.     Created: 2014    Resp: J. Schwabe  
      Status: PUBLIC   

We present a regional geoid model for the area of Lake Vostok, Antarctica, from a combination of local airborne gravity, ice-surface and ice-thickness data and a lake bathymetry model. The topography data are used for residual terrain modelling (RTM) in a remove-compute-restore approach together with the GOCE satellite model GOCO03S. The disturbing potential at the Earth's surface, i.e. the quasigeoid, is predicted by least-squares collocation (LSC) and subsequently converted to geoid heights. Compared to GOCO03S our regional solution provides an additional short-wavelength signal of up to 1.48 m, or 0.56 m standard deviation, respectively. The dataset can be also downloaded from the PANGAEA website.

J. Schwabe, H. Ewert, M. Scheinert, R. Dietrich (2014). Regional geoid modeling in the area of subglacial Lake Vostok, Antarctica. Journal of Geodynamics, 75, pp. 9-21. DOI: 10.1016/j.jog.2013.12.002

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