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Uruguay (URUGEOIDE2007)

  Authors: W.H. Subiza Piña, et al.     Created: 2007    Resp: W.H. Subiza Piña  
      Status: PUBLIC   
This is a geoid model for Uruguay computed by Servicio Geográfico Militar. It is referred to the WGS84 geodetic system and it is an update of the previous solution URUGEOIDE2000. It is based on the remove-restore procedure, using 8433 gravity observations from stations in Argentina, Brasil and Uruguay, 9172 marine free-air gravity anomalies from the KMS02 model, the GGM02C geopotential model, the SRTM terrain model and the DNSC05 bathymetric model. First the gravimetric quasi-geoid was computed by Stokes integration via spherical Fast Fourier Transform, and then it was converted into a geoid by using a Bouguer anomaly grid. Finally it was adapted by a bias and a tilt to the national vertical system, Montevideo 1948, by fitting 50 GPS/levelling observations, with a resulting accuracy of 2 cm.

Servicio Geografico Militar (2007). Calculo de un nuevo modelo geoidal para Uruguay (UruGeoide-2007). Report of Servicio Geografico Militar, Montevideo, Uruguay. <

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