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Canada (CGG2013/CGG2013a)

  Author: J. Huang, M. Veronneau     Created: 2013    Resp: M. Veronneau  
      Status: ON-DEMAND   

The Canadian Geoid Model CGG2013 has been developed at the Canadian Geodetic Survey of Natural Resource Canada ( This gravimetric model extends from 10°N to 90°N and from 10°W to 170°W with a grid spacing of 2'. The remove-restore Stokes-Helmert method has been used with a Stokes kernel modification (degree: 150, cap: 6°) with transition from degree 120 to 180. In particular the model CGG2013 has been computed following the same procedure as for the previous model CGG2010, with two exceptions: (1) the underlying model is EIGEN6C3stat up to degree 1949; (2) the marine altimetry-derived gravity data are from the DTU10 model. CGG2013 is available in the NAD83 and ITRF2008 geodetic reference systems. The geoid model is validated using GPS/levelling data, showing differences with a mean of -15.7 cm and a standard deviation of 13.1 cm, which goes down to 7.3 cm after filtering out systematic errors.
The CGG2013a model is identical to CGG2013 with the exception of the western sector of Lake of the Woods, which intersects the provinces of Manitoba and Ontario and the state of Minnesota.
Note: the boundaries (90°N/10°N/170°W/10°W) define the grid border. The point location is at the centre of the grid cell. For example, the first point of the file is at 89°59'N and 169°59'W and the last point is at 10°01'N and 10°01'W.

J. Huang, M. VĂ©ronneau (2016). The Canadian Geodetic Vertical Datum of 2013 (CGVD2013). Geomatica, 70(1), pp. 9-19. DOI: 10.5623/cig2016-101

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